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Promotional ProductHappy Holidays! This form has been created to make your shopping and holiday preparation more convenient.

After filling this form, you will receive an acknowledgement of your order and pickup time to the email address you have provided. Your pickup store will also have a record of this order. If you need to make any changes to your order once confirmed, please contact the store directly.

Please call your local store if you're interested in ordering one of our Kosher, Brined, or Heritage Turkeys, which are available in limited quantities.

Please note that turkeys from our Meat Department will not be cooked. Should you require more than one turkey, submit one order for each turkey. This form will be available through Thursday, December 22nd.

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Hams & Fresh Poultry from our Meat Department

Product: Size:
Mollie Stone's Bone-In USDA Choice Prime Rib Roast Description
Dietz & Watson Spiral Cut Ham Description
Mollie Stone's Bone-In Ham Description
Mollie Stone's Free-Range Turkey Description
Willie Bird Turkey Description
Mary's Certified Organic Turkey Description
Mary's Heritage Turkey Description
Mollie Stone's Chardonnay Brine Turkey Description

Fully Cooked Holiday Meals from our Deli
Mollie's Spiral Ham Holiday Dinner Description
Mollie's Free-Range Turkey Holiday Dinner Description

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